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deny coppermine
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cat1 File Repository
 cat3 Arcade
         cat arcade v 3.0.2
     cat2 Fixes
         cat Arcade hacking attempt
         cat Stat arcade
         cat center block arcade
     cat2 Major Game packs
         cat gamesforevo1
         cat 200ArcadeGames
     cat2 Random Game Packs
         cat game pack 12
         cat game pack 10
         cat game pack 09
         cat game pack 07
         cat gamepack 06
         cat gamepack 05
         cat gamepack 04
         cat gamepack 03
         cat gamepack 02
         cat game pack 08
     cat2 Yeti Game Packs
         cat Yeti Game Pack 01
         cat yeti game pack 02
         cat yeti game pack 03
 cat3 Nuke Evolution Xtreme
         cat evolution xtreme php 5.6 compliant
     cat2 Blocks
     cat2 Fixes
         cat xtreme-php56-fixedinputfilterfile
     cat2 Modules
         cat Coppermine Updated
         cat Downloads 1.2.1 patched
         cat advanced-admin-xtreme-2.0
         cat Nuke-Tools-v4
     cat2 Themes
         cat Flame
         cat CD-Konviction
         cat Agent_Grey
         cat SimpleBlueV2
         cat PurixV2
         cat ZD-Evasion
         cat XD-3Dv1
         cat DW-XGear
         cat ChromoBlue Theme (Xtreme v2.0-v2.0.9)
         cat XNeon
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 cat3 Tellcomtec News and Information
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         cat test
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deny Image Repository
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